Float Therapy

Our Tanks

Float tank is synonymous with sensory deprivation tank. Imagine an oversized bathtub. Now, fill it with 10-12” of water and add almost 1,000lbs of Epsom salt. This water-salt solution is more buoyant than the Dead Sea. This allows your body to float half in, half out of the water. The objective of the tank is to strip away as many senses from your mind as possible. Gravity is reduced because of the salt content, the water is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5F), the rooms are sound-proofed, and the lights are turned off (if you want them to be). Pure nothingness… Pure bliss


The 1 micron filters on our float tanks are able to remove even the smallest of particulates from the tank. Standard pool and spa filters only have 20-30 micron filters. In addition to the 1 micron filter, our float tanks have an Advanced Oxidation Process. When germicidal UV light (UV-C) and ozone react, they produce hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are the most powerful oxidation agents available which quickly and efficiently destroy bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants. In fact, hydroxyl radicals destroy Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia and E. Coli which are resistant to chlorine that is commonly used in pools.The water from the tank is filtered through this filter process 3 times in between clients.

What to Expect

If this is your first time floating with us, expect to get here 10-15 minutes early to make sure we get you into your float on time. If you are late, it will cut into your 60 minutes of Serenity. Once we get your information and go over the dos and don’ts and what to expects, we will lead you back to your float room. We will walk you through the process and then we will lock the door behind us as we exit. There is a shower in every float room. You will shower before getting in the tank (to remove any makeup, lotion etc). You will have 60 minutes once in the tank (unless you’re late) and once your time is up, you will shower post float to rinse all of the salt off. We have all of the soap and shampoo you will need, so no need to bring yours from home. We also have an area for you to blow dry your hair if needed. Everyone’s float experience is unique, but most people will know if floating is “for them” within the first 3 sessions. So many people have told us that their first or second float wasn’t the best, but their 3rd was amazing. So our recommendation is that you float at least 3 times before you make a judgement on it.

Why Float Therapy?

With most of your senses being stripped away, your body is able to relax. The enormous amount of information that our brains are normally processing just to keep us alive is able to take a break. This allows the creative/relaxed part of your brain to shine. Research shows at the 40 minute mark of your float, your brain goes from producing Alpha and Beta waves and goes deeper into Theta and Delta states. There are studies and testimonials that show benefits like:

Decreased Stress

Decreased Anxiety

Decreased Depression

Decreased Muscle Tension

Faster Recovery Times

Pain Relief



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